Wedding Ceremony

Have a beautiful Wedding Ceremony at Fisher’s Tudor House

Your Wedding Ceremony should be as beautiful as the Wedding Reception. There are a number of beautiful rooms for your Wedding Ceremony. Usually right next to the Ballroom or Reception room where your Wedding Reception will be.   Climate controlled.  Free from the challenges of rain, excessive heat, humidity, wind, and insects. You also eliminate the additional headache of moving all the  guests and bridal party to another location.  Ask your Wedding Planner for details on having your Wedding Ceremony here.   Each Ballroom also has a private changing room for the Bride with a private bathroom.

Rose Terrace CeremonyIMG 0196 1024x682 300x199 Wedding Ceremony

A beautiful room connected to the magnificent Versailles Ballroom. The marriage ceremony takes place with one of the facilities water fountains as a backdrop. Deep pile carpet, crystal sconces and chandaliers complete the look. Even allowing for a wide aisle for the Bride’s procession. The terrace seats 280 persons comfortably.

Wedgewood Terrace CeremonyWedgewood Terrace Wedding Ceremony 300x199 Wedding Ceremony

This Ceremony room has an ornate pillared setting for its water fountain. The theme is a soft blue with cabinets displaying many pieces of fine Wedgewood china. A picturesque setting for your Ceremony. The Wedgewood Terrace is next to the Crystal Ballroom. This elegant room can be seat 150 guests .

Regency CeremonyRegency Ceremony caption 5595 1024x682 300x199 Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony for this Ballroom is most often performed in the ballroom itself.  A section of the room is partitioned.  It is set up with rows of comfortable chairs with a wide runway for the Bride. A spacious area is reserved up front for the Bridal party and the officiant.  The lighting is adjusted to set the tone.  Then your ceremony is performed.

Pavillion Wedding CeremonyPavillion ceremony 7013 1024x682 300x199 Wedding Ceremony

Another ceremony setting for the Regency Ballroom is the Pavillion.  This aristocratic room is tastefully decorated in tones of brown and chocolate.  Deep pile carpet and floor to ceiling drapes soften the room.  The capacity for a Wedding Ceremony is 150 persons.  This room is only steps from the Regency room.  It is also used for Garden room ceremonys.

Seasons Wedding CeremonySeasons ceremony 3111 1024x768 300x225 Wedding Ceremony

Seasons is also used for Ceremonies.  It has a faux sky ceiling, 16 foot columns and a height of almost twenty feet.  It features ebony walls, white statues and a large water fountain.   A ceremony for 150 guests can be hosted in this unique venue.