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Wedding music – whether a band, or a disc jockey, entertainment is a crucial aspect of your wedding day experience.

Written by Stephen Mooney, Wedding Planner, Fisher’s Tudor House

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We have all done it. Whether driving to the shore or to the mall, a song comes on the radio that we don’t care for, and we change the station.  Choose great Wedding Music, Stephen Mooney Wedding Planner, Fisher's Tudor House The car company gives you pre-set buttons just for that purpose. So what happens on your wedding day when you are having a great time and the DJ or band play that song that you just can’t stand?! What do you do? No pre-set buttons around! You just have to wait another three minutes to get happy again.


Make sure you have a pre-wedding meeting with your entertainer. A ll DJ’s and bands will ask you what you want to hear, but very few will ask you what music you DON’T want to hear. It is more important to let them know what you don’t want to hear in your wedding music. It could be a certain song (i.e. The Electric Slide) or a certain entertainer (i.e. Metalica) or even a certain genre (i.e. rap music). Most songs are between 2.5 – 4 minutes long. If they play five or six songs in a row, that could seem like an eternity.


Make sure you have a wide variety of wedding music. There will be a wide spectrum of ages at most weddings. Your grandparents won’t like Snoop Dog, and you younger guests don’t want to hear big band music. You and your new spouse are the stars of the day! Not your entertainer. The thing you don’t want people to say is, “It was a nice wedding, but the music was terrible.” A quick fix is a pre-wedding meeting with your band or DJ and everything should be fine with your wedding music!

Wedding Music, Fisher's Tudor House, Bensalem PA

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