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Wedding Favors, Do you need them?

Wedding favors…when someone says these words, two types come to mind. One is, “Since you have a pick up truck, can you do me a favor? I need to move out by tomorrow!” The other is a wedding favor. This is the type we will talk about today. I classify wedding favors in two basic categories. The practical and the personal. But first, let’s talk about the whole favor issue. Wedding favors are basically gifts from the bride and groom for attending the reception. That’s what it’s supposed to be, but we all know differently. It is Wedding Favors, do you need them?  Stephen Mooney, Fisher's Tudor Housea gift from the bride to the women guests at the wedding. Men could not care less about a wedding favor. They are not made for men. At the end of the wedding, men are either looking for their car keys or their wife/girlfriends shoes. Then there is the “You’ve got the camera, right honey?” So the berry Potpourri candle, so to say, is not a big priority. The practical favors make the most sense because it’s something you can use later on. A wine glass, a beer mug, a shot glass, or even lighter. Funny how these all revolve around liquor, wine or beer. We will use them for years but forget where we got them from in months. Then there are the personal favors. They are usually sentimental because every time you use them you remember where they came from. The most popular personal favors are music CD’s – a wonderful compilation of some of the songs you heard at the wedding with a picture of the bride and groom on the cover. The big question is, “Do we need favors at all?” The answer is definitely YES!! Whether practical or personal, it is a great way to say “Thank you for the effort and celebrating our day with us.” If unsure, a great alternative is a donation to charity.

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