Wedding Favor Ideas You NEVER Thought Of by Gwen Lewis When selecting wedding favors, it’s paramount to remember that this may be your only way to show your appreciation for your loved ones for everything they’ve done for your leading up to and on your special day. However, they don’t have to be incredibly exorbitant on your wallet nor do they need to be extravagant in order to mean something. Here are some creative ideas that you may have never thought of that are affordable, cute and most importantly: meaningful!

Apply Your Theme to your Wedding Favors

The easiest way to start getting ideas for wedding favors is to consider your wedding theme and colors you have used in decoration and floral arrangement. So, a theme that’s vintage could include wedding favors such as personalized milk bottles or key magnets that look worn down with time. If your color theme is bright and bold, you could consider choosing a colorful wedding favor, such as a pretty fan or fake flowers. Ask yourself what your theme is about and then think of how you can be creative with it be extension of your wedding favors.

Sweet Memories

Sometimes the best option is to choose food-related wedding favors that your guests will be able to savor. But you can still be very creative with them. How about stylish jars filled with delicious cookies, for instance? If the weather’s cold, consider giving your guests hot chocolate sachets or interestingly flavored tea. If you’re offering your guests cupcakes or some other comforting food, opt for personalized wrappers or containers that can take your wedding favors from average to thoughtfully amazing. Warmer weather means you can get in tune with your guests’ inner children. Personalized lollipops or popcorn boxes allow a bit of fun to be injected into the celebrations!
Personalized Lollipops for Wedding Favors, Fisher's Tudor House, Bensalem PA

Personalized lollipops are a sweet addition to any gift bag
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Make it Practical   Giving your guests something that they will be able to use long after the wedding is over can be a good way to add a practical yet beautiful element to your wedding favors. Allow your guests to be more creative in their daily lives by giving them notebooks or small photo albums. Things they can use around the house, such as in the form of coasters or pretty spoons, or items to be used when they travel, such as luggage tags, can all be lovely ways to bring something beautiful to their lives. Get Inspired By Your Talents It’s not just the time of year and your wedding theme from which you can draw wedding favor inspiration. Consider giving your guests a small piece of you and your groom. For instance, if your loved ones always rave about how brilliant you are in the kitchen, give them a recipe for your almost-famous pecan pie. Likewise, if your spouse is a musician, give your guests sheet music to the wedding song he or she composed. Thinking about something you can offer your guests that links up to your talents or life passion is a great way to mark the special day with a timeless, personal memory. Watch it Grow! A nature-related wedding favor can be special, and so many couples are choosing eco-friendly ideas for their weddings. You can even tie your idea to the season you’re in. Give your guests seeds in burlap bags that they can plant in their gardens when the weather starts to warm; or, in the case of a winter wedding, mini succulents that don’t require much water. Then, like your love, the wedding gift will be able to grow. Put Your Name on It How often do you get to scribble your name over something? Now’s your chance to present your guests with items that contain your, and your spouse’s, names or initials in a personalized wedding favor. Think of it as a way to freeze a beautiful memory. You can personalize a variety of unique items, such as chocolate bar wrappers, drinking glasses, mint tins, hand cream, matchbooks, mason jars and bookmarks. By adding a touch of the imagination to your wedding favors, you can give your guests something they are sure to remember long after the last song has played and the last piece of cake enjoyed. Gwen Lewis is a writer and makeup artist based in Southern California. In the past, she has written on beauty and health, but has begun branching out into writing about wedding and party planning–two things that have always been a passion of hers. In her free time, she enjoy shopping and pick-up soccer games with her friends.

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