Cakes from Fisher’s Tudor House

Cakes from Fisher’s are custom made fresh for You.

Cakes fresh for our Weddings, Events, Restaurant and Catering To Go. Our Bakery Team is Culinary Institute of America trained and are expert at what they do.

The Bakery can supply a cake for your event – for here, for home, your business …anywhere

At Fisher’s, we create an experience for all of your senses – taste, smell, sight, touch (texture), and sound (of your fork scraping an empty plate). Cake baking is an art that few Restaurants and Caterers practice themselves. They usually buy factory produced goods frozen and baked long ago in a bakery far, far away. We just have to walk to the room behind the kitchen that always smells so good! Fisher’s bakes Hesh Braverman’s Chocolate Chip Pound Cake. Hesh Braverman set up Fisher’s bakery, he trained me and gave me his recipe, I have never changed it.

Bakery products must be ordered in advance. Call 215.244.9777 or email today!

129 2912 IMG 1024x768
Butterfly Wedding Cake 5452 1024x682
Cake Basketweave 5529 7 10 1024x682
Cake Choc Kiss 5416 7 10 1024x682
Cake Cornelli 5479 7 10 1024x682
FTH Xmas Wed Cake, 12 09  4730 1024x682
Weddings & Receptions, Fisher's Tudor House
Wedding Cake 10 10 5841 1024x682
Wedding Cake, Fall Themed, Versailles Ballroom, Fisher's Tudor House
Wedding Cake 11 09 10 7130 1024x682
Wedding Cake 11 10, 6451 1024x768
Wedding Cake 3139 1024x682
Wedding Cake 4962 1024x682
Wedding Cake 5055 4 10 1024x682
Wedding Cake, Crystal Ballroom
Wedding Cake, Octavia & Steve 1024x768
Wedding Cake, Versailles Ballroom 1024x682
Justin And Emily’s Wedding Cake At Fisher’s Tudor House Wedding Reception Venue In Bucks County
Baby Girl Shower Cake
Baby Shower Cake,  Fisher's Bakery
Christening Cake 5137 4 10 1024x682
Shower Cake 5564 1024x682
Cross Cake 5585 1024x682
Going Away Cake 5307 1024x682
Happy Birthday Tommy 1024x682
Red Happy Birthday
Birthday Blue 89th 5186 4 10 1024x682
Birthday Cake 5080 4 10 1024x682
Girl Baby Shower Cake Fisher's Tudor House
2013 10 25 Baby Shower Cake 1024x682
HBB Dk Blue, Sm Rd 5225 4 10 1024x682
Retirement Cake 5163 4 10 1024x682
Shower Cake 5303 1024x682
God Bless Kayla,  Sm Rd 5235 4.10 1024x682
Bat Mitzvah Rachel 1024x682
Congratulations 5332 1024x682
Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake
Cherry Cheesecake
Carrot Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Coconut Cake
Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Italian Rum Cake, Fisher's Tudor House Bakery
Assorted Biscotti
Cookie Tray
Delicious Desserts At Fisher's Tudor House Weddings
Cake by Natalie Jeffries, Fisher's Tudor House Cake designer and decorator Cake Flavors

Vanilla Pound
Chocolate Chip, Hesh Braverman’s Recipe
Chocolate Marble
Chocolate Pound
Chocolate Cake (richer, darker, more intense flavor)
Raspberry Swirl


Vanilla Buttercream (white and ivory)
Chocolate Fudge
Cream cheese icing (requires refrigeration)

Trim and inscriptions can be in many colors.



Shapes can be mixed (with certain size restrictions

Also available:

Full sheets
Half sheets
Number cakes
Book cakes

All cakes must be ordered in advance. Simple cakes can be ordered over the phone. A more complex cake – a Wedding Cake or a Sweet 16 cake should be with a consultation. Some orders may be required to be paid in advance.

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